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Metallurgical facilities Print
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 11:51

This branch includes: pattern, steel casting, forge and press, heat treatment, scrap shops and special casting shop.

Metallurgical facilities perform the following kinds of casting:

- steel and ferrous, including titanic casting according to consumable patterns;

- spun, shell, and chill casting etc.

It is also engaged in forging, hot stamping and deals with all types of thermal treatment and chemical thermal treatment.

Metallurgical facilities make the moldings of:

- integrally cast marine propellers and variable pitch propellers;

- hawse fittings, anchors, stern frame, stem, and tillers;

- propeller shaft struts, knights, mooring chocks and other devices; - ship fittings including valve bodies, hydraulic machines, covers and so on; - complicated shaped castings for ship plummer blocks and thrust bearings (bodies/supports and covers).

Castings are fabricated from carbon, low alloyed welding steels, titanic alloys and pig iron. Dimensional characteristics: 300-2500 mm, weight – up to 6000 kg. Castings of integral marine propellers and variable pitch propellers are fabricated from alloys, carbon and stainless high-chromium steels, which diameter is from 1500 to 6000 mm and weight up to 6000 kg.

There is a special bay involved in die casting for mass production of convectors, wrenches, unions, gas fitting, accessories, etc.


marine propeller
marine propeller

pouring molten metal into molds
pouring molten metal into molds

thermal annealing
thermal annealing


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