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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 11:55

This production branch leads activity in fabrication of forgings of any grade of carbon, alloyed and special steels, and brass, bronze and titanic alloys.

Further thermal treatment of parts is performed in the following way:

- in gas furnaces equipped with oil and water reservoirs in which the following operations occur:

- normalizing, cast annealing, welded constructions tempering, gas carburizing, sectional rolling and plate work-pieces tempering, hot bending preheating, homogenization. Maximum dimensions are17х4,5х4 m, weight is up to 160 tons.

- in electrical furnaces similarly equipped where the following operations are carried out:

- heat strengthening, normalizing, annealing, large dimension forgings tempering, cast and welded constructions rolling, gas carburizing, nitration, noncorrosive and degasification annealing.

Maximum dimensions of parts are 10х3,5х2 m, weight is 40 tons.

Forgings are supplied after the whole cycle of thermal treatment to match the set level of properties. It is feasible for forgings to be preliminarily machined.

Weight characteristics for forgings are 10-2000 kg, the diameter – up to 500 mm, the length – up to 6000 mm.


800 tf press plant associated with the manipulator in operation
800 tf press plant associated with the manipulator in operation


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