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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 11:10

This branch performs assembly and welding of steelworks in sheltered shops with controlled heat-exchange.

Production facilities include:

- multifunctional assembly stands;

- unique mechanical equipment;

- positioners for cylindrical and conical sections welding;

- plants for assembly and welding of stiffener-fitted cylindrical sections;

- panoramic gammagraphy devices for weld quality control;

- equipment for all kinds of welding of any alloys and steel grades;

- hoisting devices and cranes.

To maintain high quality of welded sections a wide range of machining facilities is introduced to prepare edges. Machining facilities also include program control boring lathes for parts which diameter is up to 16, height – up to 13 m, weight – up to 500 tons.

Cranage (lifting capacity 15 - 320 tons) and special transport means enable assembly units (weight not greater than 540 tons) to be fabricated provided that cranes are used by two.

Welding practices covers all the range of structural materials:

- low-carbon and low-alloy steel grades;

- high-strength, nonweldable heat hardened steels;

- stainless corrosion resistant and high-temperature steels;

- low-magnetic special steels;

- cold resistant steels;

- clad steels;

- non-ferrous metals and copper, bronze, brass, aluminium alloys;

- titanic alloys with 0,3 - 100 mm thickness of various strength;

- boiler steels.

Sevmash progressively develops all modern applicable welding methods and techniques using domestic and foreign equipment: - automatic flux arc welding in the media of (Ar+CO2) shielding gas, argon (SAW etc.);

- semi-automatic flux welding and shielding gas media welding methods (MIG, MAG);

- inert-gas tungsten arc welding (TIG);

- ferritic- and austenitic-class stick electrode manual arc welding (SMAW);

- electron-beam welding of large dimension workpieces;

- special kinds of welding securing dependable service of heavy loaded elements under harsh arctic ice and temperature conditions (- 60 С) for more than 25 years.

Welding practices and procedures are approved by RF Maritime Register of Shipping, Lloyd’s Register and German Lloyd’s Register. Welding systems comply with requirements of ISO 9001 standards.

The Sevmash produce flux materials and electrodes including flux materials and electrodes for ice resistant steels. Electrodes are certified by RF Maritime Register of Shipping and German Lloyd’s Register.


bending of round sections

panoramic gammagraphy device
panoramic gammagraphy device



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