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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 11:01


- cleaning, priming, cutting, cold and hot bending, machining and heat treatment of plate, sheet and section rolled products;

- prefabrication of parts for output assembly units;

- fabrication of parts from steel of all grades, titanic alloys and copper-based alloys;

- preparation of lofting data for heat cutting automated machines.

Production facilities are located in 36000 m2 net area sheltered building. Overall dimensions for the gates are 5,5 х 4,6 m.     Hull plating facility is equipped with 15/3 tons bridge cranes. These cranes have 10 m lifting height. They are intended to handle cargo within the site the overall dimensions of which are not less than 24 х 132 m.     To transport steel plates within the shop vacuum operated cranes are used. Lift capacity of these cranes is 6, 10 and 11 tons, and lift height - 1,5 and 2 m. Overall dimensions of transported steel plates are 2,0 х 8,0 m; 3,0 х 9,0 m; 3,2 х 12 m.

At bays where plate products are fabricated automatic transporting means providing horizontal transfer of steel plates on rollers towards the heat cutting machiness are used.

Equipment intended for plate fabrication includes:

- automatic cleaning and rolled metal passivation plant;

- plate straightening plant;

- automatic production line on the base of numerical program control heat cutting machines;

- plate bending rollers.

To fabricate section rolled parts, asymmetric bulb sections and symmetric T-sections with height more than 600 mm, production facilities are supplied with:

- press equipment for section rolled metal straightening;

- gas cutting semiautomatic devices;

- section bending equipment;

- press-bending equipment;

-machines for rolled section straightening.

The maximum length of treated rolled sections is 12 m, and straightening force - 600 ton-forces, bending force - 400 - 5000 ton-forces.

For heating parts to provide hot bending and their thermal treatment, gas thermal furnaces with extending back stone (3,5 m per 10,6 m overall dimensions) are intended. Weight of treated parts is up to 1,5 tons.

Besides, special equipment enables to machine parts made from plate and section rolled metal. This equipment includes planning and milling machines purposed for preparation of edges. Overall dimensions of machined parts are 1 m per 9 м with weight more than 2 tons.


OAO “PO “Sevmash” hull plating production proposes its services to potential customers.

As the main scope of Sevmash work is carried out within slip way shops and factory quays (nuclear submarines building, repair and reequipment of aircraft carrier for Indian Naval Forces, platforms fitting-out) hull plating shop production capacities have possibility of additional loading in the second half of the year.


To make an order refer to:

Head of shop Alexander V. Leshchenko tel. (8184) 50-47-74.

Deputy Head of production and technical department Vitaly S. Kravets tel. (8184) 50-45-58

Shop e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


plate bending machine
plate bending machine

cutting machine «Suprarex»
cutting machine «Suprarex»

production line «Gutman»
production line «Gutman»