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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 11:46

Tool making workshop and stamping and press accessories workshop have wide experience to manufacture and repair accessories and devices of different types. The whole range of products and operations made within this workshop can be represented by the following enlarged groups:

- metal working tools: milling cutters (incl. hobs, thread cutting and form milling parts), bore-mills, saws, cutters, broaches (including spline evolvent), drills, core drills, counter bores, reamers, taps, screw dies, thread rolling tools, cold holding equipment (including for fastennings), guillotine cutters etc.;  

- wood working tools: milling cutters (tenoning and form cutters), saws, drills, countersink drills, cutters, blades (segmented cutters and chopping cutters), joinery and carpentry tools etc.;

- measurement tools and accessories: calibers, samples, instrumentation;

- repair of measurement tools and accessories: verifying rulers, surface plates, precision squares, trammels, micrometers etc.;

- nonstandard accessories and devices;

- equipment components: lathe chuck, threading chucks, split terminals, grips, rotation and stationary fitting, adapter sleeves, mandrels;

- outfitting tools and accessories: samples (up to 2000х1000 mm), sledge hammers, mallets, wrenches, stampers, hogs and brushes, chisels, punches, slotters, outfit devices, jaws etc.;

- lifting accessories: G-cramps, tightening screws, cramps;

- manual power tool: pneumatic tools, compressed air guns, rammers;

- repair of manual power tool;

- flame and gas-electrical equipment for metal treatment (gas and flame cutters, burners) and its spare parts;

- repair of tools for gas flame and gas electrical metal treatment;

- parts and units УСПО и УПТО;

- extension springs, compression spring, torsion spring, disk, reed springs and retaining rings;

- embossers for cutting, bending and stretching-out, for hot embossing, symbol embossing dies;

- molds for production of rubber items , plastic materials, crystal glass, for hard alloy sintering and powder metallurgy;

- medical instruments and accessories;

- spare parts for cars;

- rubber and metal stamps, printing blocks;

- heat treatment of tools and accessories;

- forge operations;

- welding;

- engraving;

- repair and recovery of accessories applied.

The electroplating workshop performs chemical cleaning of items and application of close to 30 kinds of protection, decoration and special coats (zinc, chrome, copper, passivating, darkening, electropolishing and others).


equipment for milling
equipment for milling


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