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Tuesday, 12 October 2010 11:28

This branch provides a reliable corrosive and external effect protection of all output, including steelwork protection between operations and application of protective paint coating and finishing of completed items.

Paint insulation facilities include:

- complex mechanized workshop providing shotblasting, painting and insulation operations on large dimension structures which diameter is up to 3000, length – up to 20000 mm and weight – up to 50 tons;

- special bays within mechanical workshops;

- painting equipment for work in hull plating and building commissioning facilities;

- special bays for provision and preliminary filling of foam plastic insulation items, heat sound protection mat sewing, linoleum rolling;

- painting equipment: airless spraying plants and dual-component paint application plants;

- heat insulation spraying equipment.

Applicable processes cover the whole range of domestic paints and foreign paints produced by Jotun, International Paint and others. For insulation and finishing of facilities, domestic and foreign non-metallic materials are applicable.

These facilities are provided with non-stationary equipment enabling coats to be applied in various climatic zones.


product surface metallization before paint application
product surface metallization before paint application

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insulating operations


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