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Workers and specialists with higher technical education are accepted at Joint-stock corporation «Proizvodstvennoe Objedinenie «Severnoe mashinostroitelnoe predprijatie».

The staff of workers.
In present the enterprise is in need of workers, having benching and principal shipbuilding professions:
– assembler-builder of ships (qualification – is not lower than the third category, experience of work – is not smaller than three years, the skill to read draughts),
– builder of tubes (qualification – is not lower than the third category, experience of work – is not smaller than three years, the skill to read draughts, design and manufacture tubes, work on tube-bend benches and make draughtal tubes),
– locksmith-assembler of ships (qualification – is not lower than the third category, experience of work – is not smaller than three years, the skill to read draughts, knowledge technologies of assemble and tests of mechanisms and tube-wire).

The average wage for fundamental working professions is about 30 000 roubles.

The engineer- technical staff (specialists).
In scientific, technical and producing departments of JSC «PO «Sevmash» there are vacancies of specialists with higher technical education:
– engineer-electronic,
– engineer-electrochemist,
– engineer of repair and service of electrical equipment,
– engineer-technologic,
– engineer-constructer,
– foreman of fundamental production.

Before work-arrangement in the enterprise all workers go pass preliminary medical inspection, instructs for rules of technique of safety and fire-safety, certification for confirmation of qualification.
During work-arrangement it is concluded the contract accordance to work-legislation of the RF.

Guarantee and privileges for workers of JSC «PO «Sevmash»:
- regular payment of earnings;
- the level of payment is not lower of life-minimum for work-able population in the region;
- annual payment of holiday is not less 52 days;
- payment for temporary unwork-ability accordance to the law;
- payment for passage to the place of holiday one time in two years;
- periodical medical inspection;
- possibility of visit of sanatorium-profilactorium;
- possibility of rest in curative complexes «Orbita» (Adler) and «Severniy» (Evpatoria, the Crimea, Ukraine), the biggest in the region base of rest «Sevmash» (Kholmogor`s district of Arkhangelsk`s region);
- possibility of visit of physical-culture health complex, including the stadium, closed sports halls, swimming pool and et cetera;
- for citizens from other towns it is given place in comfortable hostel;
- it is payed the passage from the place of constant life to Severodvinsk;
- free instruction in the branch SPbMSTU – SevmashVTUZ in the system of factory-HTEI,  with direction for education from the enterprise;
- free using of bus route «Arkhangelsk –  JSC «PO «Sevmash» – Arkhangelsk» for delivery of workers of the enterprise, living in Arkhangelsk and nearest populated stations;
- wishing to receive profile high and average-technical education it is rendered assistance for entering at educational institutions.

JSC «PO «Sevmash» is interested in attraction of young workers and specialists, and are given supplementary social guarantee:
Material help (development) for:
- former workers of the corporation after return from army – 20000 roubles;
- inhabitants of Severodvinsk for acceptance on work after demobilization from army – 6000 roubles;
- citizens from other towns, arrived for work in the corporation – 6000 roubles;
- from the first day  it is payed supplementary payment 80 per cents (privilege of Extreme North) with payment of earnings for citizens from other towns, arrived with invitation from other regions of the RF and districts of Arkhangelsk`s region for work in the corporation and not having necessary «northern length of service»;
- for workers, receiving the second and following education of corresponding level with direction of JSC «PO «Sevmash», guarantee and privileges as for workers, receiving the education firstly.
Payment for work of pupils:
- from calculation of tariff  rate of the first (for lathers – the second) category of mastering profession;
- piece-workers supplementary earnings for manufactured production are payed;
- on pupils acting systems of material encouragements.
Payment for work of prequalified with piece-working payment (education of other profession at production):
- average earning from previous work 100 per cents in first month of teachingis payed;
- average earning from previous work 70 per cents in second month of teaching is payed;
- from previous work 40 per cents in third and next months of teaching is payed;
- beginning with second month of teaching piece-workers receive supplementary payment of earnings for manufactured production.
Time-workers for second month it is earned 30 per cents, and for third and next months – 60 per cents of tariff  rate.
During education of second (near) professions average payment of earnings is being survived.

For consultations about questions of work-ability it can address in the administration of staff of JSC «PO «Sevmash» in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk`s highway, 48.
Telephones for  information:
(8184) 50-47-84 – chief of AS Novoselov Vladimir Ivanovich
(8184) 50-48-43 – depute of chief of AS Aphonin Aleksander Nikolaevich
(8184) 50-48-39 – depute of chief of AS Nasonov Aleksander Sergeevich
(8184) 50-49-36 – chief of bureau of AS Kobichev Dmitry Vjacheslavovich

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