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Thursday, 14 October 2010 08:24

 State educational school of primary professional education
«Professional college No.1»
History of college is inseparably concerned with history of the city and the en-terprise, for which during 73 years preparation of personnel is carried out – JSC «PO  «Sevmash».
The college was established October 10, 1937 as the school of FZU (factory-enterprise apprenticeship school).

October 2, 1940 by Decree of Supreme Council of USSR «About creation of state system of labour resources» the school of FZU was reorganized in handicraft college No.1. The college was successively reorganized in Town-professional technical college (1961), Average town-professional technical college (1974), Average professional technical college (1984). At present – «Professional college No.1» (since 1994).

During existence of the college 26 thousand of skilled workers have been prepared for Sevmash.

Among graduates of the college:
- Hero of USSR FEDORKOV Vladimir Aleksandrovich. The honorary title was conferred upon for heroism, showed in 1943 during the force of Dnepr.
- 7 Heroes of the Socialistic Labour
- 2 Laureates of the State reward of USSR
- 2 Laureates of the reward of Leninsky Komsomol
- More 2500 people are decorated by fighting and labour rewards (orders and medals).
Since 1974 at the college preparation of workers with receiving of average education is carried out.

In 1974 it is built the school-production complex, in which are included school-department with social-everyday block (sports hall, dinning-hall, hall for solemn meetings), dormitory, school-production workshops, economy complex.
The school-department is counted on 960 pupils.
In school-production workshops there are 14 production classes for all educated professions.
The comfortable dormitory is given for pupils from other cities. In 2010 more 350 people live in it.

The hall for solemn meetings is intended for 200 people.

At the dinning-hall there are 240 seating places.

In 2009-2010 preparation of 550 people is carried out for 7 professions:
- Electrician on repair and maintenance of electrical equipment
- Welder (electric and gas welding works)
- Turner
- Milling –machine operator
- Locksmith (Locksmith- Repairman)
- Shipbuilding-Repairman (Fitter of metallic ship)
- Locksmith-mounter of ships

In 2010-2011 the number of pupils will be risen to 650 people.

During production education and practice in workshops of JSC «PO «Sevmash» all pupils are accepted in workshops of the enterprise as disciples in mastered profes-sion. This period is included in their labour length of service, they receive wages. After finishing the college it is guaranteed them work-arrangement at JSC «PO «Sevmash».

Pupils and graduates of the college are victors and owners of prizes of numerous competitions of professional skill of different levels, including all Russia.
At the college there are sections of volley-ball, basketball, mini-football, table tennis, shooting from pneumatic rifle, ski races, power-lifting, boxing, wrestling, bicy-cle-sport.
Yearly at the college it receives prizes of town- and regional sports competitions among pupils of schools of PPE. During last three years it is the victor in the city and the re-gion.

In days of theoretical and production education all pupils are provided with free nour-ishment.

In Director room

In production workshops

English language lesson

Dormitory of Professional College No.1 is meant for 300 people