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Thursday, 14 October 2010 08:23

Main tasks (activities directions):
- preparation, retraining and skill development of workers;
- retraining and skill development of enterprise heads and specialists;
- arrangement of certification committees work;
- arrangement of industrial practice for students of higher educational institutions and professional educational institutions, practice of students of naval colleges;
- arrangement of young specialists training during probation;
- practical and methodical assistance to enterprise subdivisions on improving knowledge of workers.

Due to extending enterprise international activities Training Center is established within technical training department (ОТО). It is meant for industrial technical training of foreign specialists and workers of other enterprises.
The basis of preparation, retraining and skill development system is combination of unique network of corporate educational institutions (Sevmashvtuz, Severodvinsk technical college, professional college No.1 and internal education.

Material and technical basis and organization basis of technical training department provide the following in 2009:
- preparation, retraining and skill development of workers – more 12000 including:
- in exterior educational institutions - 848
- internal training - 112333
- preparation and certification of personnel
on nuclear and radiation safety - 2051
industrial safety - 703
ecological safety - 22
fire technical minimum- 1100
guarding of labour - 3687
- professional and technical education of foreign specialists - 45

Head of technical education department Larintsev Roman

Zheleznodorozhnaya St. 1, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Region, 164500
Tel. (8184) 50-46-52

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Head of ОТО R. Larintsev presents certificates to Indian specialists

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