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Thursday, 14 October 2010 08:16
Work on personnel control on enterprise is headed by FSUE “PO “Sevmash” personnel department. This subdivision provides workshops and departments with workers and employees of required professions and qualification according to level and type of received training and professional qualities.

One of main peculiarity of personnel work is system and planned character. Work begins from pupils, continues with students of professional college No.1, Severodvinsk technical college, Sevmashvtuz– Sevmash basic educational institutions. Assistance is rendered to young workers and specialists, which come on the plant. “Sevmash” training center always arranges education for enterprise employees and professional development courses. Veterans are also not forgotten: Sevmash veteran organization is the largest one in Arkhangelsk region.

In 2006 Sevmash personnel department was recognized to be the best in Russia among military, fuel-energetic and metallurgical complex enterprises.

Third-year student of Professional college 1 during practice on Sevmash


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