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28 Dec, memorries of this day.

December 28, 1990

Built at PO «North Machine-Building Enterprise» the sixth NPS of project no. 949A (plant no.638, board no. K-442, since 13.04.1993 – «Cheljabinsk ») was brought in the system of Navy fleet.

December 28, 1984

Built at «North Machine-Building Enterprise» the prototype NPS of project no. 667BDRM (plant no.379, board no. K-51, since 22.02.1981 till 11.06.1992 – «Name of the XXVI conference of KPSS», since 09.02.1999 – «Verhoturje») was brought in the system of Navy fleet.In whole, at «North Machine-Building Enterprise» 7 NPS of 667BDRM project were built

December 28, 1983

State Committee received built at «North Machine-Building Enterprise» the unique NPS of project no. 685 with titanium hull (plant no.510, board no. K-278), lately named «Komsomoletc». During experimental service firstly in the world practice K-278 reached depth, unsurpassed till present time – 1020 m, what did it in combination with armament and laid in construction technical ideas of XXI century menacing means of destroying of any enemy surface ships and submarines. The ruin of «Komsomoletc» April 17, 1989 – loss of the ship, which must have defined prospective of the native building of submarines Built at «North Machine-Building Enterprise» the second NPS of project no. 941 (plant no.712, board no. TK-202) was brought in the system of Navy fleet  

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