Логотип Севмаша

27 Dec, memorries of this day.

December 27, 1990

Built at PO «North Machine-building enterprise» the second NPS of project no. 971 (plant no.822, board no. K-317, since 10.10.1990 – «Pantera») was brought in the system of Navy fleet.

December 27, 1977

At «North Machine-Building Enterprise» the sixth NPS of project no. 667BDR (plant no.373, board no. K-487) was given to Navy fleet

December 27, 1972

At «North Machine-Building enterprise» the prototype NPS of project no. 667B (plant no.310) with 12 ballistic missiles on the board, received board no. K-279, was given to Navy fleet.In whole, in Severodvinsk 10 NPS of this project were built

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