Логотип Севмаша

21 Dec, memorries of this day.

December 21, 1993

At 54 anniversary of PO «North Machine-Building Enterprise» the solemn laying of the nuclear-powered submarine «Severodvinsk» taken place. At the celebrations first deputy of Main commander of Russian VMF I.V. Kasatonov and commander of North fleet O.A. Erofeev was present

December 21, 1979

By the decision of executive committee of Severodvinsk town council of people deputies no.633 the title «Honorary citizen of Severodvinsk» was appropriated to:• Bahtin Innokenty Stepanovich – chief-in-giver of the first in the world missile submarine of project no. B611• Bogoljubov Sergey Aleksandrovich – director of the plant no.402 in 1942-1949• Kamersky Petr Aleksandrovich – deputy of director of the plant for material supply in 1949-1965, chief of the Main office of setting of the Soviet Ministry of Shipbuilding industry in 1965-1985• Nochvina Evdokija Pavlovna – the Hero of the Socialistic Labour, electric-welder of «North Machine-Building Enterprise»• Chistjakov Pavel Nikolaevich – leader of brigade of fitters of «North Machine-Building Enterprise»

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