Логотип Севмаша

17 Dec, memorries of this day.

December 17, 2008

At Severodvinsk the 50 anniversary of signing of the Accepting act of the first soviet NPS of project no. 627 with board no. K-3 (future NPS «Leninsky Komsomol») was marked. Meetings with veterans went pass, at the square of E.P. Egorovs name solemnly it was opened the memorial composition, devoted 100 anniversary of E.P. Egorov and 50 anniversary of the first soviet NPS – anchor from the NPS «Akula»

December 17, 1975

At «North Machine-Building Enterprise» the second NPS of project no. 667BD (plant no.342, board no. K-92) was given to Navy fleet

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