Логотип Севмаша

10 Dec, memorries of this day.

December 10, 2001

By the decision of Municipal Council of Severodvinsk no.165 the title «Honorary citizen of Severodvinsk» was appropriated to:• Pashaev David Guseinovich – the Hero of the Russian Federation, general director of SUE PO «North Machine-Building Enterprise»• Parshinov Aleksander Aleksandrovich – general director of SPO «Arctic»• Shmigelsky Leonid Georgievich (posthumously) – engineer-shipbuilder, historian- investigator of the region

December 10, 1993

Built at PO «North Machine-Building Enterprise» the ninth NPS of project no. 949A (plant no.651, board no. K-186, since 13.04.1993 – «Omsk») was brought in the system of Navy fleet.

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