December 21, 1979 Print
Friday, 21 December 1979 10:53

By the decision of executive committee of Severodvinsk town council of people deputies no.633 the title «Honorary citizen of Severodvinsk» was appropriated to:
• Bahtin Innokenty Stepanovich – chief-in-giver of the first in the world missile submarine of project no. B611
• Bogoljubov Sergey Aleksandrovich – director of the plant no.402 in 1942-1949
• Kamersky Petr Aleksandrovich – deputy of director of the plant for material supply in 1949-1965, chief of the Main office of setting of the Soviet Ministry of Shipbuilding industry in 1965-1985
• Nochvina Evdokija Pavlovna – the Hero of the Socialistic Labour, electric-welder of «North Machine-Building Enterprise»
• Chistjakov Pavel Nikolaevich – leader of brigade of fitters of «North Machine-Building Enterprise»